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Agricultural Microbial Market Research Report 2022

Report Code: 82338

Industry: Agriculture

Published On: 2022-09-07

Pages: 202

Publisher : MMI

Agricultural microbial market is expected to witness rapid growth in the future.  Agricultural microbial refers to the microorganisms used in agriculture to enhance crop productivity and quality of yield. Microbial inoculants used in agriculture have target specific functions, and thus, are suitable for use in various crops. Agricultural microorganisms are the naturally occurring substances such as molds and bacteria that also supply nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen to plants. Microbes live in the soil and have close association with plants and together, they form microbiomel. Microbes include bacteria, fungi, virus, and protists among others. They can boost growth of the plant as by improving access to supplements. Many microbes are beneficial as they can help in decomposition of organic matter, recycling of old agricultural material, offer phosphorus or nitrogen as nutrients and provide benefits such as heat and drought tolerance along with resistance to insects and plant diseases. Agricultural microbials could prove to be essential for holistically improving plant health and enhancing crop productivity through economical solutions while controlling disease outbreak, bettering soil health condition, and refining the nutrient transportation process. The increasing awareness about the benefits of using agricultural microbials is expected to increase the agricultural microbials market demand. Agricultural microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi enhance plant growth and protection and improve soil conditions.

Key Segments Covered



Application Method

Soil Amendment
Crop Protection

Foliar Spray
Soil Treatment
Seed Treatment

Oilseeds & Pulses
Fruits & Vegetables

Key Market Players Syngenta AG, BASF SE, Novozymes A/S, Dow AgroSciences LLC, Sumitomo Chemical Company, Ltd., Nufarm Ltd., Bayer CropScience AG, Koppert B.V., AgBiome LLC, Mitsubishi Shoji Foodtech Co., Ltd.

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